?? 2017 Palmetto Police Motorcycle Training Seminar – Part #1 ??

I have collected video for the Palmetto Police Motorcycle Training Seminar since 2016. I have met lots of motor officers from around the US and Canada. It is an awesome event to attend. Here is a bit of information about the event.

What is a Police Motorcycle Rodeo?

A police motorcycle rodeo is a way to showcase the skills of law enforcement motorcycle riders. These skills are put to the test through a series of performance under pressure events. It takes a great deal of practice to be able to handle the shear weight and size of the motorcycle. The basic idea of police motorcycle training is to make the motorcycle itself work to its maximum potential. A simple philosophy of motor officers is if you hit or rub a cone in training you have just struck a pedestrian.

A rodeo is made up of several events that help to determine the overall best riders. These riders are ranked in a final overall category. The best overall rider earns the title of Mr. Rodeo. The best team consisting of four members earns the title of best overall team.

The events in no particular order are as follows:

Five Courses run consecutively for time and precision. (Precision meaning not to strike or rub any cones) Striking or rubbing a cone is a penalty. The cones are not randomly placed they are in a particular pattern.

After a small break Five additional courses are than run consecutively under the pressure of time and again with the goal of precision.

The Individual Slow Ride is an event in which a rider has a designated area such as a parking space that he has to ride in the slowest possible time. The slowest time wins.

The Team Slow Ride uses the same principles of the individual slow ride but four riders are competing as a team to attain the slowest time.

The Partner Challenge Ride is a ride in which two motor officers compete as a team to complete a series of courses. The time starts when the first motorcycle’s front tire crosses the plane of the first course. The time stops when the rear tire of the second motorcycle crosses the exit plane of the last course.

The Challenge Ride is an individual event in which a rider has to complete a path of travel they have never ridden or practiced before. This sometimes includes shooting from the motorcycle or throwing a football through a ring.

Information Courtesy of: http://ppmsc.us/