100 MPH Motorcycle Crash of Death on Helmet Cam Hard Hitting video #ThinkBike #DriveSafe

Biker takes a chance whilst on a Speed High of adrenaline but chance got the better and he hits the car in a high speed accident. His helmet Camera filmed it all.

This dramatic headcam video captures rider’s LAST moments. The moment a car crosses into the path of Norwich motorcyclist David Holmes who was killed on the A47 at Honingham in June 2013.

The headcam on the riders" helmet shows the final seconds of biker David Holmes" life and it comes with a warning that it contains distressing images.

Video: A mother has decided to release devastating footage showing a motorbike crash that killed her 38-year-old son was killed in a motorbike crash to remind motorists and cyclists alike of the dangers of driving.

David Holmes was killed while riding his silver Yamaha on the A47 near Honingham, Norfolk on the evening of Saturday 8 June, 2013. He died after his bike collided with a Renault vehicle travelling in the opposite direction. Holmes had been riding motorbikes for 22 years.

While Holmes had been driving at , the driver of the Renault admitted to police that he had not seen the motorbike and was prosecuted in April this year.

“The aim of releasing this footage is not to achieve agreement from the public; it"s about delivering messages around road safety and how deaths can be prevented. I welcome the fact it will create debate and, in my view, this will get people talking about road safety; their actions behind the wheel or on a bike and it will go some way to achieving our aims.”