Advanced Motorcycle Training Demo

An advanced motorcycle training video

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  1. The narrator calls the inside of the road the “outside” and the outside of
    the road the “inside.” Also, it doesn’t seem to be “advanced training,”
    more like beginner… he also likes to say apex more than required.

  2. The basic observations are pretty good. It gives a fairly novice rider such
    as myself a good idea what all your eyes should be scanning for at all

  3. Huh? That didn’t make too much sense. Anywho, the inside of the road/lane
    is towards the center line. He calls approaching the center line “moving
    out towards the outside” and being near the edge of the road “maintaining
    an inside position.” This is at around 2:10.

  4. Always difficult to please everyone! Thanks for ur comment, at least u know
    where I am coming from, no voice over, it is live audio. I have changed
    camera positions and improved things here, but heck, training is what I do
    for a living nowadays so I can take negative comments!

  5. What the viewer must realise that this video lasts for about 1 and half
    hours with full commentary and you are unable to see it all! It has had to
    be cut and edited in order to get it onto Youtube in order to gain an
    isnight into advanced riding techniques. In order to gain full advantage,
    you wud have to see the full CD…. Mick

  6. Excellent video. The full version is even better, I can highly recommend
    it. As someone who rides 12,000 miles/year on my own bike and quite a few
    more as an response rider on emergency blood bikes, I am always on the
    lookout for material like this to improve my advanced skills. You can never
    have too much bike training, however good you think you are.

  7. I guess its a bit like Nearside and Offside, On a car a nearside wing
    mirror is a mirror on the passenger side (In the U.K) Which happens to be
    the side Nearest to the Kerb, and NOT nearest to oncoming traffic

  8. This is a really cool video, I’ve tried narrating to myself like this and
    its really hard! Please explain, “Crown of the road”?, “T-ing off the
    bend”?, “Using the apex to your advantage”? I think I know what they mean
    but just want to check. P.s, You sound a bit like the Legendary “John Peel”
    I think

  9. it is completely bullshit…it is not training it is broadcasting the
    traffic while riding the bike and talking useless like “i am reducing
    speed, position is ok, brakes are ok, checking back from mirror…” What is
    the strategy? what is the tactic? where is the training part?

  10. Experienced riders know that this is the kind of narration that SHOULD be
    going on inside your head when you are making your way through the
    countryside on narrow roads. If you think its easy, try it some time…..

  11. Excellent professional commentary. Some viewers miss the point, the
    commentary displays the riders thoughts as he observes, anticipates, and
    negotiates hazards. The rider cannot say everything that he thinks
    therefore the commentary covers important points. This riders thought
    processes are very complex and accurately focused on the job in hand.
    Riders are involved in collisions constantly because they do not observe or

  12. this was very informative indeed, enjoyed the narration, and the rider
    showed very good sense in choosing his entry and exit lines into bends very
    good for any person entering the motor cycle fraternity.. top marks

  13. great video this! making great progress whilst remaing safe really is an
    artform that must be learned through consistent practice and it takes years
    of training to do- which this rider undoubtedly has. anyone watching
    thinking that this style of riding & commentary is easy to do, try and do
    it for an hour and half whilst riding perfectly with a traffic officer
    behind you for example on an advanced motorcycle test it will open your
    eyes! bikers need more videos like this on youtube, thanks

  14. i am not a you tube knob who wants to slag every vid but surly sitting that
    far next to the curb is not the way to ride??????? as that’s where all the
    pot holes and crap are plus im sure any rider can do that vid.

  15. Re the Roundabout – He checked right on his approach, then left, then right
    again. The speech is a little behind the video obviously. It’s subtle, and
    its hard to talk that fast! If you can’t see it, you are not planning far
    enough ahead. Watch again but do the commentary yourself. Americans, Its a
    british road – It’s not wide enough to have the nearside too full of oily
    crap. But we have plenty repairs and potholes. They can be anywhere!

  16. Wow the helmet cam is a great addition to the learning exercise! Next time
    I’m in the UK I’d love to visit the roundabouts, and get some experience
    riding on the left side of the road!

  17. It is all continuous training and all the discussion is useful. Worth
    keeping out for the number of well used farm tracks joining the road both
    for traffic and migrated gravel/mud. There were a lot of tracks that looked
    quite well used with the fields looking so ripe.

  18. Nice stuf very informative ? I’m on Iam course at mo and this helps a lot
    to improve my skills thanks bro?

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