Advanced Motorcycle Training In Spain with Advancedbiker (No Comms)

At the end of January I flew over to Benidorm in Spain to do some assessing of a couple of riders who were interested in some Advanced Motorcycle riding techiques. I was a bit out of my comfort zone, as I had to take all my equipmet with me, including a ne HD Drift camera. AAs you can see the footage was not great as I hadn"t mamanged to set it up right. However got some footage, just need to get a grasp of editing it……Made a nice change from a wintery United Kingdom

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  1. Some more footage from the Spain trip…… I know wrong settings on
    Youtube – Learning curve with HD footage?

  2. Dry roads and sunshine. Long time since I enjoyed a run like that. Please
    bring some back with you:-) David

  3. I thought it was……A hidden gem. When you think of the Costa Blanca and
    Benidorm, you don’t associate this with Spain. Good roads, but respect
    required, varying types of grip, even when dry….

  4. Well funny you should mention that….Looking at returning in September
    2013, but can not decide whether to take ferry to Santander, or ride down
    through France. Other alternative, fly into Alicante and hire a motorcycle.
    The accommodation can be sourced locally around Orbe…… If we ride down,
    I have a Youtube follower in Northern Spain we could meet up with and do
    some training.

  5. You lucky so and so. While I’m freezing fixing boilers here you’re out in
    Spain playing in the sun with great scenery. Not that I’m jealous at all
    !!! Nice one Nigel

  6. Hi Nigel please reply to me :3 This video really inspires me to ride to
    spain myself and take the euro tunnel. BUT, i have a really bad fear of
    breaking down in another country… Although there is nothing wrong with my
    bike and has never been in the past 3 years. I fear that i will break down
    in another country and i have no idea how i would handle the situation.
    What preparations do you make for this sort of thing? How could i put this
    worry to rest? PS: Yes i’m a worrier! 🙁

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