Advanced Motorcycle Training – The unexpected

A run up the Cat and Fiddle in Cheshire. Every thing going fairly well……When…..What happens next

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  1. I thought the same. Pushing quite a way out at 0:52 as well. I’m not for
    sticking my head over the line 🙂

  2. what happens next? well i wasn’t expecting bloody sheep! well avoided,
    thought you were going to nudge the pupil.

  3. @advancedbiker If only there were more road users that like you, are able
    to see point in peoples criticism on their tailgating. I have posted many
    comments on other videos about peoples tailgating, and the only response i
    get is arrogant, childish back chat from thes people saying things like “im
    confident and competent enough to tail that close”. Its good that you have
    acknowledged the error in your following distance and made changes.

  4. @martialme84 How far into Germany are you as I have friends in Wiesbaden
    and I need to see some fellow youtubers next year in Sauerland, I think
    that is the place.

  5. @fran20055 you no, your time was wasted ? to the uploader your time is
    probably less important then a thailand toilet anyway..

  6. My point is that instructors can sometimes make bad decisions to and baring
    in mind this was an approved instructor involved in a police run weekend
    course. i have since had a k1100lt and am now riding a 2002 k1200rs which i
    have owned since 2004. This instructor was pushing me to far. There is a
    fine line between making progress and being reckless which i have learned
    through 19 years of riding in all weathers across the U.K. you have to ride
    at your own pace and within your own limits.

  7. @advancedbiker your welcome mate. that course stands out because i remember
    thinking all the instructor was doing was showing off. i donnt know if you
    know the area i,m talking about on the A5 but its fairly dangerous
    especially down near Bethesda, the bends are really sharp around the side
    of the mountains. its ok on a blackbird up to a point but my old k100rs was
    tired even then but she was reliable and went fairly well. Love my k1200rs,
    plenty of comfort & speed for 2 up touring

  8. @2wheelsteve – I am the first to admit, I got it wrong. Lesson learnt on my
    part. You can always learn something and with training you move on and
    develop your training techniques.

  9. i thought you were supposed to stay in the centre – bit right of centre of
    the road but you guys seem to be following racing lines. And the guy on the
    yellow bike seemed a bit too close to the white line. If he were leaning in
    like that and a car came round hed be beheaded!

  10. Don’t quite agree about the agility thing. As a qualified motorcycle
    Advanced Rider “Observer”, I can see the reason for being trained not to
    follow the same line as the lead machine, to allow for an overlap when

  11. Nigel see footage of yours truely, bike two of ” Bruce Crowther” Quine Road
    New years day.( Bruce’s youtube submission) Unexpected but then not because
    of being a country road. An early section of our 700km day

  12. No gravel, no rain, no snow, no fog, no rush-hour London traffic. Big
    danger of breeding overconfidence.

  13. most instructors are totally scared of driving a motorcycle that’s why they
    are so into safe, I would say TO SAFE driving. they are afraid of
    everything what surrounds them on road. people like that making a hazard
    perception tests, where everything totally everything is hazard, people on
    side walk on other side of road HAZARD, car parked aside HAZARD, bird in
    the sky HAZARD. on vid like this where is the hazard? curvy road as f… no
    chance to speed up, plenty of time to simply slow down, ehhh sorry Im a kat
    A and B driver since 12 years this is just make a smile on my face…”and
    what happend next…” NOTHING situations like 10000 everyday while Im on my
    way home from work. ?

  14. when your riding the Cat n Fiddle road you should always look out for sheep
    every Macclesfield biker knows that !?

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