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Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic RiderCourse Highlights

This 5-minute video is a capsule summary of what you"ll experience in our hands-on, 15 hour, Basic RiderCourse training program. Five hours of classroom instruction prepare you for ten hours of practical riding in a controlled, off-street environment, under the guidance of MSF-certified RiderCoaches.

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NEW Horrible Motorcycle Crashes Caught On Tape 2014 Accidents Compilation

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How Does Motorcycle Insurance Differ From Car Insurance? : Motorcycle Insurance Tips

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Motorcycle insurance differs from car insurance in a few distinct ways. Learn how motorcycle insurance differs from car insurance with help from a specialist in property and casualty insurance in this free video clip.

Expert: Marty Goldstein
Bio: Marty Goldstein specializes in property and casualty insurance. He sells personal insurance products, such as home, auto, motorcycle and boat insurance.
Filmmaker: Daniel Brea

Series Description: Motorcycle insurance is something that every rider needs to have. Get tips on what to look for in a good motorcycle insurance policy with help from a specialist in property and casualty insurance in this free video series.

Kelly Holmes – CBT Motorcycle Training & Completion – Get On

Gold medallist Kelly Holmes jumps on a motorcycle and undertakes her CBT for the Get On campaign.

Completing the Compulsory Basic Training is an essential part of acquiring a full motorcycle licence. Watch Kelly Holmes complete the CBT course to see how it"s done and be inspired to get on two wheels in no time!

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