Best Motorcycle Insurance – My Experience

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12/12/13 Moto Vlog: CycleCruza tells you which insurance company is the best to insure your motorcycle with. He explains his experience with the major insurance companies. And the BEST insurance company for your motorcycle is……….

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25 Replies to “Best Motorcycle Insurance – My Experience”

  1. Wow $20 for MSF class in Ohio. I took it CA and it was $275.00. Taught by
    CA Highway Patrol.. Great video otherwise CC!?

  2. Hey, do they let you keep the bike you crash after they give you the check?
    or did you have to buy it back from them?

  3. @daniel loftus thanks for watching! I definitely recommend you get
    insurance unless you bike is worth a few hundred dollars..?

  4. Msf class in NY is 350 bucks that’s some BS so I got my license the normal
    way with the free road test?

  5. for me progressive was the cheapest, it probably depends on what state
    you’re in, how clean your record is and what type of bike you ride.
    progressive CS is horrible though, then again so is statefarm from my
    experience. if you actually want good CS you have to go with one of the
    little guys.
    state farm wouldn’t even insure my last bike which is when i gave up on
    even getting their quotes from them, at least until watching this
    their roadside assistance only covers mechanical problems, getting a cage
    stuck in the ditch or running out of gas or other fluids, it really is
    stupid that they wouldnn’t but from their point of view why would they they
    pay to move a vehicle that’s functioning but the owner can’t operate it,
    insurance doesn’t cover DUI cars being towed either. i’ve heard good things
    about AAA

    i’m going to get fulltimers motorhome insurance on my van, it includes
    roadside assistance, shed/storage coverage, personal belongings,
    comprehensive, uninsured, liability(both auto and homeowners type), etc.
    shit is less then $550 a year compared to just minimum auto liability at
    the same price through progressive and $1050 a year through state farm. i
    got quote from them 5 minutes ago out of curiosity.

    damn is still hate these new comments they allow me to ramble on about
    nothing way too easy?

  6. If I were rich that’s the one thin I’d do. Make an insurance company for
    motorcycles only. Make it super cheap, guarantee this company will beat
    anyone else. Even if it was stupid cheap, it would get that much of an
    audience, it would still make so much profit. Insurance companies these
    days make a killing. ?

  7. Hey do u know how you can use ur own bike when u take the MSF course? i had
    my bike for like 2 months n i feel good with it so i was wondering if u
    know a way to use it. i heard that if i take my writing test first u get a
    permit and u can use it in the day? I’m 19 btw ?

  8. Hey great video! Very informative. I also took the MSF course out here in
    colorado and it cost me about 180 dollars. Glad I took it though it
    definitely made me a safer rider. ?

  9. My alternator died on me a few weeks ago on my car ( it was snowing out)
    and and state farm towed my car for free. I only have liability so Im
    pretty sure they do have roadside :o?

  10. Wait, so you have not taken the MSF course yet? Bro, go take that beginner
    course first. After riding for 20 years, I still learned a lot from them.

  11. I have geico in ny Im paying 40.00 monthly about 400 a year not full
    coverage but than again I ride 04 ninja 250ex kinda cheap to me no msf just
    my pernit and 2 pba cards :-)?

  12. Everywhere I went was $750-1000+ a year. Dairyland cycle got my fully
    insured with a new CBR500R for $430 a year. I was 24, married with a clean
    record. This is my first bike and I just got my license right before I
    bought the bike. I have progressive for my cars and it is the cheapest
    around. But they could not touch dairyland for my bike. ?

  13. It’s mostly just the intro that really bugs me and I know I’m not the only
    one. But it’s your channel so I guess you do what you want, I’m just trying
    to give feedback. The video wasn’t so much “biased” I don’t know why I said
    that. ?

  14. Believe it or not I thought the same damn thing about State Farm. Auto was
    always overpriced and I just for shits and giggles called in about
    motorcycle insurance. Hell the comprehensive and collision were OUT OF
    THIS WORLD through Geico/Progressive and SF was hella lower. I’m making
    the switch to them this riding season. ?

  15. Hey! I am from Estonia. Planing to get brand new Kawasaki Zx6r 636. So, i
    checked local insurance companies and here`s what i`v got: Full coverage
    for a year is 2740.80 USD. Wtf!? I fully understand, that i need full
    coverage,but that is too expensive for me. I can buy brand new Zx6r
    636,but insurance, in my opinion, is too expensive.
    i am 25 🙂
    Tell me what prices do u have in USA for full coverage.?

  16. I’ve been with Progressive the last couple years and loved the price.
    Though I’ve never made a claim with them. ?

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