Best of Motorcycle Fails / Accident 20xx – 2013

Best of Motorcycle Fails / Accident 20xx – 2013

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24 Replies to “Best of Motorcycle Fails / Accident 20xx – 2013”

  1. okay, soooo what are all these janitors and custodians doing with
    motorcycles in the first place??? Don’t they know there are toilets to be
    Please; leave these machines to the actual “Riders” that know how to handle
    them. They are way too dangerous in the hands of “simple minded”

  2. 5:23 when bi-stander falls that’s running after the bike wreck. His feet
    are still trying to run when he tripped and face planted. That’s a cry now
    laugh later situation. (if everyone was okay of course!!)?

  3. hahaha…. 5:18 ….two fails in one
    one guy fell on his ass, the other fell right on his face.?

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