California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – PewDiePie

California motorcycle accident lawyer PewDiePie? PewdiePie got a new job! You told him he needed a real job so he got one! California motorcycle accident lawyer PewDiePie is here to show you how he can defend you in a court of law if you are ever in a motorcycle accident in California. Do you live in San Diego and need a lawyer? Do you need a los angeles motorcycle accident lawyer? Well motorcycle accident lawyer los angeles PewDiePie is here to show you how he can help! In this demonstration Emmet from The Lego Movie crashes his motorcycle at the San Diego Zoo and luckily PewDiePie is here to help! So if you need a California motorcycle accident lawyer or a los angeles motorcycle accident lawyer just call PewDiePie bros! He finally got a real job just like you asked him to before he disabled comments on his youtube account! Totally awesome! Bro fist! Subscribe for more!

3 Replies to “California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – PewDiePie”

  1. shut up I like peasant it’s great that you entertain a link girl but you
    don’t need to be filling her mind with Stuart get. a life stop insulting
    peers and he makes a lot more money than you with YouTube so go ‘rethink
    your life and he doesn’t even say bro that many times he says it about 3
    times in each vid?

  2. Now wtf is this shit for real you tryn to be funny but can’t because u be
    haten on someone else’s because they funnier than u. And what kind of
    middle-aged dude with a child fuckin plays with dolls that have people’s
    faces on them?

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