Car and bike crash compilation: 285 mph motorcycle accident, driver decapitated by truck & more

Road accidents are one of the most common preventable killers. TomoNews presents to you some of the worst road accidents ever to be caught on video or depicted with animation. Some are accidental, others the result of rage or stupidity. Think twice before you make reckless decisions on the road. Not everyone is lucky enough to survive.

1.Florida State tight end Nick O"Leary, grandson of legendary golfer Jack Niklaus, has delivered a massive up-yours to death after not only surviving this horror motorcycle accident, but walking away.

2. A man was killed in central Taiwan on Monday after he was run over by a cement truck. Shocking dash cam footage caught by a witness caught it all on camera. The scooter driver is seen wobbling briefly before tumbling beneath the cement truck’s churning wheels.

3. Florida racer William “Bill" Warner died after a high-speed accident when he came off his modified Suzuki Hayabusa during a record attempt on July 14.

4. A Utah highway patrolman is in critical condition after he was crushed beneath a car while inspecting an accident scene in a harrowing ordeal captured on the officer’s dashcam.

5. The driver of a high-powered Ford Mustang GT500 was rushed to hospital after they smashed their vehicle into a brand new pickup truck in a failed attempt to look cool.

6. Police arrested Wiyang Lautner, age 24, after he crashed and killed a pedestrian while racing his brand new Lamborghini.

7.In Taiwan, Mr. Chang, his wife, and their 6 year old daughter were on their way home when the driver behind them smashed into them. Mrs. Chang is flung up onto the hood of the car and tumbles off to the right side of the car.

8. Footage showing the moments leading up to a fatal drug-driving accident that claimed the lives of two young men has been released by police.

9. In Taiwan, Mr. Kao, age 49, died on his way to visit his parents. Mr. Kao had stopped his scooter on the right side of the road, near an intersection. Unfortunately he’d also stopped in the blind spot of a large delivery truck.

10. In Taiwan, concerned citizens caught this on video after a couple rear ended a white sedan at an intersection.

11. Shocking footage posted to Facebook by a central Florida driver showing an SUV driving on the wrong side of the highway and plowing headlong into another car has captured the final moments before a deadly head-on crash in Tampa, Florida.

12. In this dash-cam footage posted to YouTube, a 19-year-old scooter driver is seen flying into an open manhole, the victim of an illegal turn made along a rural Taiwan road.

13. Angry old man John Parsley, 62, really wasn"t satisfied with the customer service at the Comfort Inn & Suites in Alva, Oklahoma.

14. Rich guys filming themselves drive their obscenely expensive sports cars usually make for extremely boring videos, but not in this case.

15. The clip shows a 10-year-old Taiwanese schoolgirl running across the road toward her mother, who was on the other side. She successfully crossed one lane of traffic but was struck by a car approaching from the opposite direction.

16. A 32-year-old woman is dead after a collision with another vehicle near High Point, North Carolina. Courtney Sanford posted a status update to Facebook referencing Pharrell Williams hit song Happy, just seconds before her fatal crash.

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