Car Crash Complation – Accidents serious and impressive – Motorcycle Crash

Compilation d"accident de la route grave et impressionnant comprennent des motos, des scooters des voitures et des camions.
Attention le contenu de cette vidéo peut choquer certaines personnes.
Campagne de sécurité routière.
Camera embarquée

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25 Replies to “Car Crash Complation – Accidents serious and impressive – Motorcycle Crash”

  1. I’ve always had the fantasy of giving up the car and getting a motorcycle.
    Thank you youtube for putting that fantasy to rest.

  2. I think all the photos at the end contains dead motorcyclists, including
    6:16. Since his helmet got into the back of the truck, you can imagine how
    hard his chest hit the steel bumper. If he was alive, his posture wouldn’t
    look like that; he’d probably stand on his feet and his arms would hold on
    the end of the truck.

  3. Holly crap, now I’m sacred to ride my motorcycle. I do agree with some
    comments, many accidents happen because of lack of experience. Others
    happen because of recklessness.

    And when I say lack of experience I mean not being prepared for EVERY
    eventuality. When I ride, I expect that all 4wheels are trying to kill me,
    and so far, they haven’t done so!?

  4. 6:13 brings it home…ooofff. Dress for the crash not the ride. Been down a
    couple times and worst was a broken wrist because I had full gear on…even
    in hottest and humid South Florida weather!?

  5. Hard to press “like” but all riders should watch this before they become
    part of one of these videos. Stomach still turning?

  6. Oh man that first one was a dude hitting the bucket on a front loader. The
    bike got caught in the bucket. Like 50 mph’s to zero in one micro second.
    Its science bitch.?

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