choose State Farm for motorcycle insurance

after doing a lot of data entry into the insurance websites and phone calls for quotes, I was led to believe that Geico had the lowest price quote. I talked to a lady Geico agent and had intended on meeting her at the office. She wasn"t working at the time I went, so I talked to another agent, which happened to be her husband. Long story short, I was lied to and so I looked elsewhere for motorcycle insurance. The last insurance company I went to for the day I was shopping door to door, was State Farm. But, by the time I got there, it was past 5:00 pm, closing time. I went on Monday and signed the policy with State Farm.

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  1. Do you recall how much your insurance was when you first started riding? I
    have 3 yrs experience 33yrs old clean record. I was quoted $147/mo from
    state farm on a ZX-10R. This seems pretty high compared to $40 from
    progressive on my current Vulcan 900. I realize the difference between a
    cruiser and sport bike but $107 more?! Thank for the vid.

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