Crazy Horrific Motorcycle Accident Hits Trailer Crash

Crazy Horrific Motorcycle Accident Hits Trailer CRASH

Amazingly, Will Tumour only broke his leg and wrist after the high speed crash in the US

25 Replies to “Crazy Horrific Motorcycle Accident Hits Trailer Crash”

  1. Ahahaha, “I’m just gonna look somewhere other than in front of me while I’m
    doing 90, whats the worst that can happen?”… maybe he was only going 55
    it’s still stupid even at walking speed.

  2. To be fair, I think it’s a valid reason. If anyone ever asks why he quit,
    he could just show them this video

  3. He never saw the trailer cuz he wasn’t using Riding SKILLS. Hi visual
    horizon– look well ahead of you, not just ten ft in front.

  4. @jim jones shut the fuck up you dumb cunt, you deserve to die just for
    saying that you no hearted bitchbag!?

  5. Everyone who is being a cunt to the guy riding the bike needs to fucking
    take there heads out of there asses and see the truck didn’t have a blinker
    on nor did it look like he even had break lights. Let me ask the cunts who
    talk shit about this guy.. If you were in your cunt car and some one
    suddenly turned with no break lights or blinker would you hit them!? You
    prolly fucking would.?

  6. Damn, if you can survive that, you may as well keep on riding. Nothings
    going to kill ya. Ten feet in the air to flatland on your head??? Why
    stop now??

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