Crazy Motorcycle Crash On Skyline Broken Ankle


reposted again because I had to cut something out of the original video haha.

Some friends and I decided to hit up skyline/woodside area for a nice ride on a bright sunny day. Not even 5 minutes into the route and a motorcyclist ahead of me crashes into the guardrail. You can"t really see what happens since he was a bit further ahead, all I saw was a bunch of dust get kicked up and the guy on the floor 10-15 feet from his bike.

I want to say he went wide on the turn and hit the gravel on the edge of the road and lost control. There"s a ditch on the edge between the cement and rails which is what I think caused his leg so much damage.

I dialed 9-1-1 as soon as my friend said that his leg was broken. You can hear me say “dial 911" but that was my failed attempted at using my SENA SMH10 bluetooth, it tried to call one of my friends instead…so I turned it off and dialed by hand instead. I noticed after re-watching that I mix some words up a lot, we were all pretty shaken up by what we saw so I couldn"t exactly think straight. This was my first time seeing something this serious happen in front of me.

A lady was nice enough to stop and I think she was experienced in the medical field since she said that he had an “open fracture" which normal people don"t use unless they"re in the field. She seemed to know what she was doing so I handed the phone over to her. We stayed for a bit until the lady and her husband said they got it, we pulled his bike out and went on with our ride. Went EXTREMELY slow afterwards since that was all stuck in my mind. Saw the ambulance not long after we left the scene.

Met up with the lady again at Alice"s and she said the man was fine and at the hospital by now. I know his life isn"t in danger but my prayers go out to him and his family/friends for a speedy recovery! Ride safe everyone.

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  1. 4:13…i had that same motorcycle, color and everything. wrecked, broke my
    pelvis in 4 places, dislocated hip, broken leg, and dislocated knee through
    skin, ride safe, helmets all the time, and prayers

  2. I had a similar injury on my quad and I was deep in the woods too. Thanks
    to my friends and other riders who helped me out I was able to get to the
    hospital ?

  3. Ouch! Glad to see so many people come to help out that poor guy, Tough man
    though, I would have been bawling like a baby.?

  4. If there’s one thing I know about our species is that when shit hits the
    fan it doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from we gather together
    to help those in need. We pull our resources and we rise above all else to
    become hero’s of the day.

    At least some of us.

    The rest of us slow down our cars, look and say “Oooo shit that looks like
    it hurt! Is he dead? Quick get our your Camera this shit is going up on

  5. oh crap he totally twisted his ankle ! he fell off from a cruiser that
    means he’s really going fast or made a sudden turn cause cruisers wont fall
    off so easily due to their heavy weight and low mass centralization?

  6. One of you guys should have gone back down the road to slow down cars
    coming round the bend. Thankfully your friend wasnt badly injured. Take
    care and enjoy your rides. Safely.?

  7. Check this out if you want to learn how NOT to ride. The lines of the guy
    riding with the camera are all wrong. I hope you he gets some rider
    training quick before he too ends up a Casualty. Thanks for video.?

  8. So was the guy that injured himself doing something unsafe, like traveling
    too fast around a curve? ?

  9. It wasn’t the ditch, probably the guard rail itself. Those things slice you
    up badly, impossible to miss at least one post and at any speed they slice
    and shatter limbs. Great for cars, murder for bikers?

  10. Whats going on with the video at the beginning messing with my eyes? Some
    kind of image stabilisation?

    Glad there where lots of people around to help out, hope he was ok in the

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