Defensive Motorcycle Riding – Avoid an Accident – Discovered New Road
8/15/13 Moto Vlog – CycleCruza gives some defensive riding tips and give an update on an awesome new road he discovered.

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  1. Keeping a good distance from car in front is important, if you’ve got to do
    an emergency stop, well more than likely your bike is able to stop a lot
    quicker than the car behind you. I don’t usually ride late at night on
    “party nights” as way to many damn fools out there or holidays like Cinco
    De Mayo. Ride safe.

  2. ur so right about that cruza,that big blue garbage truck u pass is the
    company i work for n thats what they ALWAYS preach be aware of EVERYTHING
    around u, its not fun being on the back of those trucks, i did the
    samething to a woman driver road was wet she got to close n i just look at
    her DEAD in her eyes.U GOTS TO BE AWARE people think its a joke when they
    get in their cars,in their world not BEING AWARE!!! ride safe.

  3. Watching your vids makes me recall when I used to live in Cleveland for a
    couple years. I know that area around I-480 very well.

  4. I think most are fake but I do believe some are real, check out some of the
    psychics that police use to solve crimes. I’ve seen some on the old show
    Unsolved Mysteries. There is no way some of those mystery crimes could be
    solved without the help of a police psychic.

  5. This is how we’re taught to rider from day 1 of your motorcycle lessons
    before you go in for your test in the uk….good vid mate everyone needs to
    have this mentality on a bike?

  6. about the tip to have some safe distance, i completely agree with you but
    unfortunately cars use that gaps to overtake taking almost all safe
    distance; what the best thing to do about it on motorcycles??

  7. BTW, the secret road that I mention in this video can be seen in my newer
    video here (I also get pulled over by the cops) : EPIC POLICE CHASE
    MOTORCYCLE Caught on Video – High Speed Chase?

  8. As always great video ,real helpful as a new rider right now I’m only
    riding on the streets and is good to know how to do it and what to look
    for, Mr.cyclecruza is any way you can help me Or.make a video on how to
    bleed my rear brake on my Suzuki gsxr 600 or tell me what to look for it
    because lines are getting air every time.thanks

  9. You have great advice on your vids Iv been riding for a while now and you
    have videos I am learning from thanks for watching my back on the streets.?

  10. have you been to ‘smith system’ driving training? reason I ask is every
    thing you talk about when talking about safe driving, you describe the
    techniques that they teach people…..impressive! im enjoying the vlogs!!!?

  11. Thanks I’m a new subscriber also I’m a new rider I’ve been riding for about
    4 weeks now and i must say this helped me out a lot. Keep doin what you
    doin Bra…?

  12. Here in São Paulo (Brazil) we ride motorcycles splitting lanes (its
    Not safe but in a big city a 1h 30 min commute by car can be done in 30 min
    on a bike.

    I miss living in the USA =(?

  13. lane splitting / filtering means you don’t get nutmegged! Campaign for your
    rights to stay alive! I like your vids CC, you’re kinda nuts?

  14. Thanks for the video! One funny thing I thought of was what the people in
    the cars are thinking of him on the motorcycle. He does a lot of hand
    motions. Just imagine being in the car and this motorcycle dude pulls up
    next to you doing all these weird hand motions that are out of context
    because you can’t hear him speaking. Lol, okay maybe only I think it would
    be amusing. ?

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