(For those that are wondering, yes my bike is already fully fixed! All parts were ordered the same week of the incident.)
Come watch and experience my first ever motorcycle crash! Just so we are clear, this vid was uploaded to share my learning experience with those that might find value and safety in their future rides. If you’re an expert, that’s completely awesome! However, I’m not a self proclaimed expert. I love enjoying motorcycles and making my every day journey something I take away and evolve from. In my point of view, there really are no experts. But there are those who are willing to learn and continue to evolve until the end. To me, that’s the path of success! With that said, please enjoy the vid and ride safe! 🙂

All videos are uploaded in 1080P HD! ^-^

Ride – Ducati
Lid – Arai, AGV & Bell
Jacket – Diesel Denim
Armor – Roland Sands CE Armor Kit
Watch – Diesel
Gloves – Roland Sands
Visuals – GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition

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  1. Everyone loves watching a good crash! lol I’ve learned a great deal from my
    first crash ever. Please share in my learning experience to prevent you
    going through the same. #Clutch1stvlog #NYC #newyorkcity #Ducati ? LIKE,

  2. Dang man. I expected your wreck to be way less based on the damage to the
    bike. Glad you came out alright buddy.?

  3. I gotta tell you.. I was in pain watching this… you were very lucky for
    sure… glad you didint get too hurt…?

  4. Whoa! Not even a scratch from you. Your one lucky s.o.b. my man. It looked
    like your head got clipped from the side cam. Good thing your helmet
    absorbed the impact. I had a crash just like that and had gashes from my
    leg and arms. I even broke a finger. Stay safe out there bruh. Its a
    doggy-dog world out there for us riders.?

  5. Well look at it this way, at least there wasn’t more damage to you tan the
    bike. Glad you are ok brother!!?

  6. Glad you’re ok bro!!! And that you come out all good and learned something.
    And the guy was really cool man, making sure like 10 times you were ok. And
    even check you out. Good buddy right there ?

  7. lucky…. hey man yournlucky just a few scratches.. and you got good
    friends that tag along…?

  8. Glad you’re all right buddy. And that bike is a beast! When I went down I
    had a 1000 euros of damage… Got to get me one of those Ducaties!?

  9. You have good friends man! Glad nothing major happened and you were able to
    ride home that day, you live and learn.?

  10. Hard to watch the Duc go full ditch dart… Glad you weren’t hurt… Looks
    like some one wasn’t passing up the chance to undress you… giggity…?

  11. From my good friend Pete, to you wonderful guys:
    “U gotta tell them ppl on youtube that when u make a greek fob guy a friend
    its to the end lol, and no matter the teasing there is always true and
    unconditional friendship there, my friends, I can count them at the fingers
    of my hands, I leave it at that if it makes sense.” -+PeteTheGreekNY S?

  12. Man I’m glad you’re ok! I got my first real crash out of the way last
    October… Didn’t fare as well as you… Broken collarbone. It’s not if…
    It’s when! Glad you’re whole! That Monster took it like a champ….?

  13. Amazing to have so little damage, I’m going to send this to my local
    council and let them know that gravel is a real concern for riders and
    while it didn’t cause you to slip, it did cause you to try avoiding it and
    caused you to crash anyway. If this happened and caused you to slip you may
    have slide in the same fashion and it’s lucky you didn’t have any cars
    approaching from the other side?

  14. Pete the Greek is a good guy 4sure he was was more worried about you than
    the bike that’s a stand up thing in my book. Crashing your bike is no fun
    at all but having true friends there to help you back up is priceless…?

  15. The good Lord was riding pillion with you that day. Another few feet and
    you would have met that guard rail. Glad you are OK. I am amazed your bike
    was relatively untouched.?

  16. You were worried about the bike, the Greek was worried about you lol cool
    guy glad everything was ok, your first crash in the books ? you’ll be a
    better rider because of it. Keep them vids comin!?

  17. Glad you’re ok and brushed it off. Lucky no oncoming traffic too! Ride safe
    and greetings from Ireland??

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