Easy Guide: First Time Motorcycle Riding

The very basics to riding a motorcycle for the first time. We are having more video lessons on other parts of how to ride. Make sure to subscribe!

25 Replies to “Easy Guide: First Time Motorcycle Riding”

  1. I am turning 16 next month and will be getting my license. How long does it
    take to get comfortable riding a bike?

    Is it like riding a bicycle? But with an engine?…?

  2. Guys, please help. Do you think the Kawasaki Ninja 300 is good enough for a
    beginner rider, or is best to get the 650? I’m a complete beginner, but I
    do extreme sports, so I hope I’ll learn fast. ?

  3. Thank you so much.. it’s been over 20 years since I last rode a bike due to
    an accident and I’m a bit afraid. But this has been really helpful to me..
    question for you, when your shifting gears if I’m in 2nd I just
    click upwards once right? and etc, etc… ?

  4. Hello, thank you for the great video. I want to get my learners licence
    soon, at the age of 16. I have a few quick questions I would like to cover
    When slowing down from lets say gear 4, and you want to come to a complete
    stop, do you downshift while slowing, or do you downshift all the way too 1
    once you are at a complete stop? And would the Ninja 300 be good for my
    first bike? Looks perfect for me. Thank you in advance! :)?

  5. YouTube wasn’t in existence when i had to learn how to ride a bike first
    and my biggest challenge was getting the bike in motion from first gear and
    getting the clutch release right.?

  6. Wish I could have seen video like 2 Wweks ago I whiskey gassed like a
    motherfucker broke offy damn mirror good video tho pretty annoying how some
    people and Videos can’t explain anything properly I turned a 20 minute
    thing into 2 days cause my “trainer” couldn’t explain shit and just wanted
    me to go for a ride before I could even get moving lol ?

  7. Picking up my ninja 250r this weekend and gotta say these videos are a very
    well explained for people learning to ride a bike. Thanks?

  8. Liked this review best one yet. Thank you. Wearing gloves helmet gear is
    all an obvious common sense so I wanted a video that would demonstrate the
    actual shift of gear and how the foot works so this video went straight
    into riding which was what i wanted, tha k you guys.

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