GEICO Motorcycle Insurance TV Commercial, Song by The Wallflowers

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Geico Motorcycle Insurance gives you great rates so you"ll never have to compromise on riding.

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Advertiser GEICO
Agency The Martin Agency Inc.
Mood Informational
Music One Headlight – The Wallflowers

Featured Product GEICO Motorcycle
Insurance / Auto & General / Auto

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4 Replies to “GEICO Motorcycle Insurance TV Commercial, Song by The Wallflowers”

  1. Who actually sings this song? Is it Jakob Dylan or Tom Petty?? I know its
    Jokab’s song, wih he wall flowers, but my soneone said its Tom Petty
    singing this version in this commercial. I believe and know for a fact that
    it is NOT no where near Tom Petty. Can someone help??
    I may not have a voice to sing but i damn sure have ears that can hear!! ?

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