Grandma witnesses motorcycle accident, goes immediately back to crossing the road – TomoNews

RUSSIA — Dash cam video captures the moment a motorcyclist rear ends a car at a crosswalk. But the best part of the clip isn’t the actual accident, it’s the old grandmother trying to cross the street.

The footage starts out with a vehicle approaching a crosswalk while an old woman with a cane slowly starts to cross the road.

The car pulls to a stop while a green compact coming from the opposite direction also does the same.

As the woman ever so slowly attempts to step down from the curb, a motorcycle comes barreling down the road behind the green car and slams right into its back bumper, sending the rider airborne.

As the bike shatters into pieces, a chunk flies towards the old lady and almost hits her, but luckily her cane saves her.

The biker then gets up in obvious pain and walks over to the curb and sits down.

As others rush over to see if the rider is okay, the old woman gets back to what she was doing before the accident — crossing the road.

While concerned bystanders lend a helping hand by clearing motorcycle debris off the road, a fight almost breaks out.

Eventually, people get back to clearing the road.

No word on what finally happened to the old woman.

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