Horrific crash aftermath in hospital

Through the beauty of Tv I"d like to share with you something that touched my heart years ago.

Eleven minutes of your life.

Dr B, attempts to save the life of a man with horrific life threatening injuries after a motorcycle crash.

Before you comment you might consider the patient has recovered and moved on with his life.

Taken from an old episode of? Trauma:Life in the E.R. “Never say never" Season 7 Episode 5 September 30th 2002

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  1. I’ve watched this show many times but this is by far the worst injury I’ve
    ever seen. I cannot even continue my God…

  2. oh man… i cried from when they said they would have to amputate his right
    arm until the end… geessh its so terrible… yet, he’s smiling.. What an
    inspiration.. <3 God bless you!! <3 <3 <3 ?

  3. Well from quite a bit of experience I can speak on a few factors here.
    1) he may have lost control at 76 mph but he likely had a loss of 10-20mph
    before hitting the ground.
    2) he was most certainly wearing gear in the form of a jacket riding pants
    and a helmet. He would have had severe road rash EVERYWHERE rather than
    isolated wounds. His nose was bloody likely from impacting his helmet.
    3) he was prob wearing shoes with laces or boots that were not secure
    (roper style?).
    As far as his hands, well think of your first reaction when you fall.
    Without palm sliders and training, there isn’t a lot in the way of hope for
    His hands and feet tell me he slid (which is what you want to do) and also
    tells me he had decent gear on his body. Slide on your back with your feet
    raised and your arms crossed kiddos. Pat the ground to make sure you’ve
    actually stopped too!
    If you want to be SAFE with a bike, don’t get on it. If youre going to
    Ride smart.
    Glad he survived.

  4. Reminds me of the campain Honda ran to make people wear their gear –
    “Stupid Hurts”
    He was stupid not to wear his leathers.
    I bet it hurt.
    I am not overly sorry for him.?

  5. Absolutely horrible! Feel for the poor guy. ALWAYS wear your protective
    gear people! Even if it is super hot out, it’s not worth losing your limbs
    for or even worse dying for!

    Ride safe, glad this man survived!?

  6. And people wonder why riders wear leather and gloves and boots,well right
    there is why.He is lucky not wearing a helmet that his brain is still
    intact and sometimes even with a helmet you can end up with major head
    trauma and brain damage.?

  7. if this viddy tells some of you to never ride again, then don’t. you’ll be
    doing the doctors a favor.?

  8. I have to reshare for all those who like myself ride in the wind! A must
    see!!!!! This is a horriffic video, however its the chances we take on a
    pretty much daily basis! God be with all those whom are His! An keep you
    safe! ?

  9. I feel extremely bad for that guy, this is why you don’t do careless tasks
    while driving not to blame him it may not have been his fault but man if I
    was a doctor I would feel bad for him and try to help him in any way.?

  10. Those are possibly the worst accident injuries I have ever seen! I can’t
    believe all he went through! ?

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