How Much is Motorcycle Insurance?

Someone asked in the comments of another video about motorcycle insurance. I thought it"d be good to make a quick video about it, so here it is!


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  1. im 18 in the uk and i have like £300 quid tpft on a 350cc and would be £450
    tpft a year as i used to have one

  2. Thats a great price for insurance!! Im in the UK and for an SV650 parked in
    a garage it would cost me £680 for basic cover like yours. And i thought
    that was good cause over here in the UK for a shitty little car it would
    end up costing about £3000! So a bike is still cheaper (and better)
    compared to a car Also great videos man, keep them coming!.

  3. Riding down that hill on a bicycle is so much fun. I upgraded to a bike
    with a motor on it…I ride a silver 2003 triumph tiger with white stripes.
    If you see me riding around give me the thumbs up instead of the wave, I’ll
    do the same.

  4. Its a illegal where I live. I made a video about it. Really disappointing
    but hey, what can you do :/

  5. It depends on what coverage you had. If it was just liability I’d imagine
    100-200/year. With basic coverage probably 400-500. And thats just a guess.
    It may be more considering your age.

  6. Sounds like you’re some random kid from brasil talking out of your
    ass……easiest way to find information is from vlogers or your state/city
    has to have some motorcycle club….or even easier call an insurance agent
    and get a quote lol

  7. its not f’d up, your just young and not mature. when you get older like
    25-27 you will notice the rates dropping… There are to many 18 yo kids
    going out buying liter bikes n trying to do 160 n killing temselves…
    hence why they charge so much…

  8. I am 18 and I have Liberty Mutual.. I pay 43 dollars a month, FULL
    Coverage. I am on a Ninja. My best advice would be to actually call the
    insurance companies as the quotes they do online are completely off. AND if
    you have a car, stay with the same insurer. Hope that helped.

  9. I am the exact same way. Ive been riding dirt so a couple years. We cant
    switch to road till your at least 25 and have a good stable job. A 600cc
    sport bike will still be 3000 a year. Canada sucks sometimes

  10. 23/m 2005 ZX-6R 636 Full Coverage runs me 900ish for 12 months. bout 80
    something a month. It’s pay to play for anything above 600cc is you’re
    under 25.

  11. My insurance for my 650 is just over $200/year liability only. I am
    planning on getting a ZX-6R in the next couple years, and I just got two
    quotes today. 1) Geico WONT cover me and 2) Progressive is $2750/year.
    hahah, its crazy!!! That is for comprehensive coverage though, but still!

  12. I am 20. I was recently involved in a hit and run. It didnt do much damage
    to my bike at all, but I still reported it, cause I really wanted them to
    find that bastard and milk every penny from him. Thinking about it though,
    I probably shouldnt have reported it to my insurance company. Another
    factor is that I have only had my MC endorsement for one year.

  13. I’m 19 with clean history and my 05 zx6r is only $80/yr liability on my
    fathers plan with progressive. State farm wanted $430/yr liability! (mostly
    because I was independent)

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