Kelly Holmes – CBT Motorcycle Training & Completion – Get On

Gold medallist Kelly Holmes jumps on a motorcycle and undertakes her CBT for the Get On campaign.

Completing the Compulsory Basic Training is an essential part of acquiring a full motorcycle licence. Watch Kelly Holmes complete the CBT course to see how it"s done and be inspired to get on two wheels in no time!

For more information about the CBT course and to book a FREE motorcycle session visit:

25 Replies to “Kelly Holmes – CBT Motorcycle Training & Completion – Get On”

  1. i had one of those one hour free rides and i loved it! I know how to ride a
    geared motorcycle and im taking my cbt soon ;D

  2. I passed my cbt yesterday… Now just waiting to get my ped insured n
    taxed, then I’m on the road. 😀

  3. Youre talking crap! You cant fail something that isnt a test! Its a days
    training NOT a test retard! If he said he wont give you a certificate then
    its because you shouldnt be on the road FULL STOP!

  4. NVQ in what? Ive done ERS and have looked at other quals for riding but
    NEVER heard of someone without a CBT doing an NVQ, you need your full
    licence for AT LEAST 3 years before you can even start working as a
    motorcycle cbt instructor.

  5. well u can say whatever u want, but i was sure i could be on the road they
    just wanned a extra 80 quid , the other 2 they passed were even dumper then
    me and one of them was fat and clumsy

  6. @lukeyslife99 ? well? what are you chattin about? what magical ‘in your
    head’ nvq are you talking about?

  7. Its the same as doing a Module 1 and 2 in one day basically. All the same
    rules apply, shoulder checks, road positioning blah blah blah.

  8. 6 hours, same as every other, unless you need extra help on others, and you
    go through road rules, signs, bike, bike control ect.

  9. Oh and the second part (when she starts doing her actual cbt could be
    aylesford bulls rugby club

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