Midwest Police Motorcycle Training and Civilian Training

Our Civilian Motorcycle Programs are tailored from the Primary Police Motorcycle Training Program. Our training is very intense and demanding for all levels of riding. Upon graduation from our civilian rider program, students can utilize the full potential of their motorcycles. With continued practice, students can attain the highest skill level of street riding in the world today.

2 Replies to “Midwest Police Motorcycle Training and Civilian Training”

  1. Excellent video on the kinds of skills every rider should seek to master!
    These are the kinds of skills that seperate the men from the boys! If ou
    are watching this video and can not do these skills on a routine basis,
    please call and sign up for this class. You will be glad you did!

  2. in malaysia, we use honda sport touring but we also had a training in a
    deep jungle with kawasaki klx 250s. those using klx 250s are brought to
    jungle for training every month to familiar with their machine, often used
    to curb snatch theft, motorcycle theft and mat rempit, also trained to ride
    over an obstacle where’s other motorcycle can’t go

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