Motorcycle Accident – 28 March 2014 – Port Orange, Florida

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining. I was driving south to look at some used cars. Behind me at a traffic light was a young man on a motorcycle Not one of the big Harleys" I see often in the Daytona Beach area, but fast bike, like the ones that recently competed in the Daytona 200 at the Daytona International Speedway during Daytona Bike Week 2014.

He was anxious to get around me, and did so when the light turned green. I knew I"d catch him at the next traffic light, a few blocks ahead.

When I did, he was the first in line, next to a sporty red car with it"s top down.

I thought they might “race" and started to record. The red car didn"t accelerate, but the motorcycle did. In 5 seconds the motorcyclists" life would change, if not end. He didn"t know it.

As he accelerated, a large pickup truck turned left.

I wanted to post this with the hope that someone will see it, and think about how they ride and/or drive.

The motorcyclist was fortunate that an emergency unit was only a block away. I realized how we take certain services for granted, until we need them.

May you never need EMT service, but if you do, I hope they are quick to respond for you, as they were for this guy.

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  1. similar happened to me, except the speed wasnt that fast. someone turned
    infront of me as well, but speed was like 15mph and i ended up with no real
    injuries. bike was totaled though… i hope that guy is ok?

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