Motorcycle Accident DRIFTING Crash On Highway Honda CBR1000RR Drift Gymkhana Bike Crashes Drifts

INSANE motorcycle crash while rider is drifting at high speeds on the highway. Extreme freestyle street bike stunt rider drifts between and around cars a crossed multiple lanes of traffic on the freeway all while holding the throttle wide open. Motorcycle accident caused by rider attempting drifts on the highway. Biker performing stunts crashes doing drifts resulting in epic fail. The motorbike drift crash seen in this video takes place on a public highway in the Saint Louis, Missouri area. The make and model of the stunt bike seen crashing in this video is a 2013 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 1000cc liter bike. Luckily the motorcyclist featured wrecking in this video was not seriously injured as a result of this crash. Amazingly the sport bike rider was able to get up and hitch a ride on the passenger seat of another bikers motorcycle immediately after the accident. However his motorcycle was not as lucky. After the accident the motorcycle was not ride able. This video serves as a great reminder to all motorcycle riders to always wear proper protective gear such as full face helmet, leather jacket or padded nylon jacket, long pants, and gloves because no matter your skill level or your type of riding if your on two wheels soon then later your going to wreck and may not be as lucky as the motorcycle rider shown crashing in this video.

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