Motorcycle Accident Drifting Ride Of The Century ROC 2014 Streetfighterz Motorbike Drift Crash FAIL This video captures motorcycle stunt riders epic fail when drifting on street bike. Motorbike performing drifts on the street crashes during Streetfighterz Ride Of The Century ROC 2014 street ride in Saint Louis, MO. You"ll see two motorcyclist drifting on a public street spiting around traffic an a crossed all five lanes including on coming vehicles traveling the opposite direction. When one of the motorcycle drifters abruptly wrecks sending both bike an rider a crossed the road tumbling. Luckily this biker he was not seriously hurt in the accident an only suffered minor injuries. His stunt bike also only suffered minor damage an he was able to ride it off after the crash. The motorbike featured wrecking is a 2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6-R customized an specially built for performing motorcycle stunts such as shown in this video. The entire crash was caught on camera from street bike riders following behind the motorcyclist doing tricks an recording all action on Gopro Hero 3+ helmet cam in full 1080p HD.

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