Motorcycle accident involving Des Plaines Police Department and Justin Kelley on July 9

Motorcycle accident involving Des Plaines Police Department and Justin Kelley on July 9

25 Replies to “Motorcycle accident involving Des Plaines Police Department and Justin Kelley on July 9”

  1. The police are under no obligation to help you. He didn’t help because he
    was more worried about himself and because he didn’t have to. ?

  2. another example of a cop having no liability I am sure..when he sues you no
    damn well the cop most likely won’t have to pay up..just like when then
    murder someone, the town pays up aka taxpayers?

  3. If you are being robbed, don’t call the police. Call your ambulance, cause
    the police will just continue the robbing. The ambulance will actually help

  4. most likely a good thing he didnt “help” the victim might have wound up
    shot or injured worse?

  5. All of these so called officers involved should be fired and the police
    department should be sued. ?

  6. I’m sure the cop figured it was more important (hid Duty) to think about
    what traffic citation(s) he could right up…and when none came to
    mind….That was the end of what he was capable as a cop, of thinking.
    There is no revenue in rendering assistance.?

  7. What an ahole!! Down with Earth’s police force, they all need retraining,
    and a civilian oversight committee watching them at all times!!?

  8. If the opportunity presents itself and you are in a position to serve food
    to one of them, poison it, and spit in it. Have a great day!?

  9. According to a user submitted thread on reddit, the man who was hit brought
    his case to court and won.?

  10. Are you all living in fantasy land? Well MOST of you for sure.
    Cop pulled out, how is it his fault that the motorcycle rider came up
    behind him without looking and looks like the biker WAS driving too fast
    for his own good. Don’t some of you clowns comprehend that cops and lots
    of people are taught not too move a person before medics get there cause
    they might move them the wrong way and make it worse.
    So if i missed something – how did this cop do ANYTHING wrong

  11. sickening. they just watch the “show” then rob him! (they held his backpack
    for a few days and when it was returned his cell and a few hundred dollars
    were missing from his wallet) I heard that he won his case. I hope his
    money and phone were also returned?

  12. Why did this dumb ass PIG run him over. He clearly went by the front of the
    car but the PIG keeps rolling until the car bumps off this guys head… wow
    great driving PIGLET…?

  13. You can see at about the :40 mark the police car shakes because of the bump
    from MC….so that means cop pulled out without checking, the MC obviously
    slowed down but still ended up hitting?

  14. Was it really necessary to close Oakton to traffic for investigation?
    Usually that is only done on fatality accidents. Or is the DPPD trying to
    protect their own? Does the officer make any attempt to see if the
    individual is okay? Looks like he calls it in, then walks away. Three
    officers appear and it seems nobody asks the individual about his injuries,
    but wait, the officer has to take a picture. ?

  15. I seen some comments saying it wasnt even the officers fault. It most
    certainly was his fault. You can watch the time lapse and see that from the
    time the officer starts forward motion till the moment of impact 4 secs.
    pass. Worse though is from the time his car enters the lane till moment of
    impact was under 2 secs. At 65 mph you are supposed to leave 2 secs between
    you and car in front of you- that is for reaction time when car traveling
    in front of you breaks hard to stop. The officer was basically already
    stopped there was no chance for reaction by the rider.
    The not assisting, I understand. He is not qualified to provide medical
    assistance.Besides when police try to help they often end up discharging
    their firearm, or slapping the cuffs on you. Biker was lucky to avoid being
    shot or jailed- hell even both.?

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