Motorcycle Accident Lawyer CT – Connecticut : High Speed Motorcycle Crash Fatality

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My Name is Joe Morelli of the Law Offices of Mark E.Salomone & Morelli in Hartford Connecticut. We are a personal injury law firm handling injury cases throughout the state of Connecticut. I"d like to tell you about a case we handled just recently last year about a motorcycle passenger who was involved in a very sever accident.

Motorcycle Accident Case
Female Motorcycle Passenger
Severe Tissue Loss

She was a passenger who boarded the motorcycle in Meridian. Her driver was a friend of hers who then proceeded up 91 north though Middle Town and eventually Rocky Hill. As part of our exhaustive investigation we discovered there was a handlebar mounted camera on the motorcycle. Based on our extensive experience handling motorcycle cases we always perform a thorough investigation including a reconstruction of the events leading up to the crash. Like solving a puzzle we piece together the most minute of details of the actions of each car truck and motorcycle to create a foundation for maximum recovery.

It was though this analysis that we determined that the motorcycle did in fact have a mounted camera. That had recorded the entire trip and it"s fatal consequences. We immediately moved to secure an exact copy of the accident video. We could not have come up with a more key piece of evidence to tie in all of the insurance companies. We discovered it had been activated just before the accident and it showed in real time what happened. The operator of the motorcycle was racing four other motorcycles at speeds in excess of 160 miles per hour.

This fatal accident was devastating and our client suffered severe injuries to her upper body. She was fortunate and it was miraculous that she wasn"t killed. She had some soft tissue injuries to her neck area, had some damage to her ribs, primarily though she sustained massive tissue loss from her upper arm. Major pieces of muscle pieces of her upper arm were missing or destroyed. Multiple reconstructive surgeries were required to regain some use of her arm.

As you can see from the break lights, the heavy traffic was unexpectedly slowing. By analyzing the actions of all veihicles we aggressivly persued each insurance company to obtain a substantial total recovery for our client from each available insurance policy.

Apon approaching the insurance companies they agreed with us that this was a very significant case. And we were able to obtain a policy limit recovery consistent with such a catastrophic loss. The client was very pleased that we were able to get a prompt resolution to this case and it was though our efforts in obtaining both the DVD and all of her medical records, making sure she obtained the doctors she needed to go to that we were able to obtain a successful result.

She was pleased and we were very pleased on her behalf.

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  1. Stupid rider, if you wan’t riding in high speed look & follow MotoGP
    rider…!! SAFFETY is FIRST…!!!

  2. i hate saying it was the passengers fault…… a small part was her
    getring on the bike but who knows maybe she didnt wanna go that fast

    ROCKET NAZI BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. As if you’d ride like this with a pillion on the back or at all to be
    honest. As much as I hate bikers dying as a biker myself, this man got what
    was coming to him. Rest in peace.

  5. A very siginificant portion of them are. We’ll leave it at that. More so
    than car drivers. For a given distance travelled, the rate of accidents
    involving motorcycles vs. cars is like 17 times higher. So it tells you

  6. BAM!!!… OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!!!… IS
    THE CAMERA OKAAAAY????… yes thank god?

  7. Insurance claims are a funny business. The will and do go after any
    insurance company regardless of fault and participation, Its any
    association. . My niece was t-boned by an 85 year old woman who only had
    12,000 dollar total coverage. The nieces lawyers went after the video
    store where she worked part time. And got money!!!!?

  8. I truly wish that every one of these idiot motorcyclists had been killed.
    Ditto for every other moron who rides a motorcycle irresponsibly on public
    roads, endangering innocent people. And for the record, I have 20+ years
    experience riding sport bikes both on the street and on race tracks.?

  9. “Like solving a puzzle we piece together the most minute of details of the
    actions of each car, truck and motorcycle to create a foundation for
    maximum recovery”

    *Translation into proper (non USA) English*
    “We watched the video from the bike camera which showed a monumental
    dickhead and his mates putting every other sensible road user at risk by
    riding at track-day speeds on a public highway. We then tried to blame
    everybody else for a crash of the rider’s own making”.

    “As you can see from the brake lights, the traffic was unexpectedly slow”

    Every vehicle on the highway will be ‘unexpectedly slow’ if you are riding
    a motorcycle at 160MPH.
    I ride a bike every day, and if I want to max it out, I do what every
    sensible rider does and book a track day. If this video had shown every
    single one of these morons plowing into the back of a semi, then all I
    would say is good riddance. And there’s plenty of actions a pillion can
    take to inform the rider that they are unhappy or scared, including
    swinging their weight from side to side to unsettle the bike and force the
    rider to decrease speed, or wave a hand in front of the riders visor.?

  10. Totally the riders fault, your legal system is a joke – I’m pretty sure
    you’re going to hell for winning money from that.?

  11. why is evrey one hating on the motorbikes they were having fun and she
    shuld of nown that they will be racing jeezzz shuld of taken a take then ?

  12. well go you! aren’t you just such a good person! This girl, who was
    obviously just as stupid as the driver, gets to sue everyone who was
    driving, and you helped her. Just as much her fault.?

  13. Lawyer mentioned that he recovered money from insurance companies, I hope
    not from semi truck, I am curious about, what other insurance companies,
    besides biker who created accidents, other bikers due to participate in a
    street race??

  14. Over 100 mile a hour looking at the odometer I thought it was 60. Wow that
    girl should have not be on the bike.?

  15. All our insurance rates go up because of idiots that drive like this and
    passengers that don’t stop them. She deserves nothing. ?

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