Motorcycle accident: Motorcyclist flips in air after head on collision with SUV – TomoNews

TUBA, BENGUIET / PHILIPPINES — A motorcyclist is in stable condition after he was struck head-on by an SUV while crossing over the Badiwan Bridge in Tuba, Benguiet in the Philippines.

Some jackass in a Mitsubishi Adventure decided it was a good idea to pass leading into a blind bend in the road, not to mention the double-yellow line. And yes, in the Philippines, where this video was shot, that still means you can"t pass.

The motorcyclist didn"t even have time to crap his pants before he was flipped into the air. Another motorcyclist was right behind him and stopped to check on the unlucky frontman.

According to a close friend of the victim, the man miraculously survived with two fractures in his hand and a deep wound in his thigh. One thing"s for sure, the motorcyclist is lucky to be alive.


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