Motorcycle accident on 5 South freeway CARPOOL LANE

Filmed on: ContourRoam2 (1080p)

I was heading home from Irvine on 6/13/2014 at 4:00 pm. I hopped on the 5 South freeway and there was some heavy traffic. I decided to get into the carpool lane to shave off some time from slow traffic and this guy on a cruiser was splitting in between the carpool lane and regular road, right in between the yellow lines. He passed right by me and crashed about 10 seconds later, give or take. It could"ve been me.

As he was reaching the end of the carpool lane a black SUV Navigator (Mother & Son) were coming out of the carpool lane and hit the motorcycle. She ended up getting a flat tire. She was so shaken she did not want to come out of the car.

Just want to remind all riders out there to be safe. Especially if you"re cutting through the lanes on the carpool. The CHP officer stated that it is illegal to cut in between the yellow lines to get ahead of traffic yet he realizes everyone does it anyways.

Rider was injured. His motorcycle was bleeding a lot.

Overall be safe and aware of your surrounding. This could"ve happened to anyone. Be careful when you"re getting close to the carpool entrance and exits, we all know cars love to swoop in and out there without checking.

The crash location was near the exit ramp to El Toro coming from 5 South.

I realize the video is really shaky, I was looking around a lot. I apologize for that. I kept filming until I left so you can see everything.

BTW that EMT girl is really cute haha.