Motorcycle Accident On Bend (Yamaha YZF 125)

A motorcyclist comes off on a bend and takes a tumble coming into Dufftown Scotland.

17 Replies to “Motorcycle Accident On Bend (Yamaha YZF 125)”

  1. Was the cyclist OK? He was riding like a muppet but that looks a very
    nasty outcome.?

  2. Bend, dip to the right…. OVERTAKE!!! hmmmmm… Hope he learnt his lesson
    and he was unhurt. If I was him I think I would take more (instructed)
    lessons, without crashing or overtaking like a wally this time.?

  3. He’s just found out that his right hand will kill him faster than the front
    of a lorry ?? Use the right hand for something else son ??.?

  4. For those who have never ridden a motorbike, it is much more difficult than
    driving a car.?

  5. L plates and you could tell. Stupid overtake, then got target fixation.
    Good job it was just grass he went down on, any street furniture or trees
    and he wouldn’t be getting up from it. In any case it looked to me like he
    had a broken leg/ankle (it didn’t look straight anyway!). I hope he learns
    from it.?

  6. The dip in the road hides a bigger corner than might be expected. The
    camera angle is really high up so we can see it but he wouldn’t have. But
    yeah, he shouldn’t have been overtaking if there was any doubt, so it’s
    still his fault. He’d also have made that corner if he committed to a
    bigger lean, but target fixation got to him.?

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