Motorcycle Accident Ride Of The Century ROC 2014 Street Bike Stunts Crash Epic Fail Wreck Insane huge highway motorcycle pile up accident at Ride Of The Century ROC 2014 in Saint Louis, MO. Street bike stunt rider riding wheelie on the highway drifts into another motorcyclist causing epic crash resulting in multiple motorbike riders crashing. This creates a domino effect of total mayhem. Ride Of The Century or ROC is an annual event that takes place over a 3 day period in September. Extreme freestyle street stunt bike riders travel from around the United States an as far away as Europe to take place in the street ride. Thousands of motorcycles take part in this gathering to either perform or watch street bike stunts on the highway. Many of the top street motorcycle stunt riders take part in this ride to showcase their skills on the street"s. The Street Fighterz a Saint Louis based stunt team started Ride Of The Century or ROC more then 10 years ago.