Motorcycle ACCIDENT Street Bike Drifting CRASH Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R CRASHES Drifts FAIL VIDEO 2015

INSANE Motorcycle Drifting Accident On Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R Caught On Camera 2015! Watch as motorcycle performs high speed drifts on public 4 lane road through traffic till something goes horribly wrong causing amazing street bike crash and massive moto drift fail. Motorcycle stunt riders do illegal street bike stunts such as wheelies and drifts on stunt street ride when one of the bikers crashes while drifting the epic fail is all caught on video tape. Luckily the stunt bike rider is able to amazingly get up after the accident and some how ride his motorcycle away from the crash after going down very hard while drifting his brand new sport bike. After the motorcycle accident you can clearly see the stunt bike rider is shaken up but still able to ride away. This video clip serves as a great reminder to away wear proper safety gear such as full face helmet, gloves, leather jacket, boots, and etc while riding on the street or performing any motorcycle stunts such as drifts or wheelies on motorbikes. Blox Starz TV owns exclusive rights to all footage seen in this video clip.

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