Motorcycle Accident Tandem Wheelie Ride Of The Century ROC 2014 2 Up Street Motorbike Stunts Crash Insane motorcycle tandem wheelie accident on the street at Ride Of The Century ROC 2014 in Saint Louis, MO. Motorbike stunt rider doing stunts with girlfriend on the road loops out wheelie in the middle of the street an another stunt bike rider riding wheelie behind the rider that crashes runs into this biker because he can not stop fast enough to avoid hitting fallen motorcyclist. This video features street bike stunt riders epic fail an crash that was all caught on camera from two different angles. What caused the accident is the motorcycle stunt riders hand brake giving out in the middle of a wheelie that causes the biker to loop out wheelie wrecking in front of another motorcycle stunt rider also that was riding wheelie causing rider to be hit by another bikers motorcycle that can not avoid hitting the stunt rider after his sudden crash. The first street bike stunt riders crashing in 2 up tandem wheelie creates a domino effect of total mayhem. Luckily everyone involved in this accident was able to get back on there motorcycles an ride away with only minor injuries an damage done to there stunt bikes. The tandem motorcycle stunt riders that originally crashed riding two up later went to the hospital an it was found out that the girl had a few broken ribs. It shows how tuff of girl she is to get back on the motorcycle right after the crash an still ride with cracked and broken ribs. The motorcycles involved in this wreck where both customized stunt bikes the first motorcycle that caused the crash was a 2002 Honda CBR 600 F4i an the second motorcycle involved was a 2003 Kawasaki Ninja ZX 636 or ZX 6 R. Ride Of The Century or ROC is an annual event that takes place over a 3 day period in September. Extreme freestyle street stunt bike riders travel from around the United States an as far away as Europe to take place in the street ride. Thousands of motorcycles take part in this gathering to either perform or watch street bike stunts an tricks on the highway"s, street"s, and road"s of Saint Louis, MO. Many of the top street motorcycle stunt riders take part in this ride to showcase their extreme freestyle skills on the street"s. The Streetfighterz a Saint Louis based stunt team started Ride Of The Century or ROC more then 10 years ago.

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