Motorcycle Accidents Compilation Of 2013-2014 Horrible Motorcycle Crashes NEW HD 2014

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Motorcycle Accidents Compilation Of 2013-2014 Stunt Bike Crashes Motorbike Accidents Of 2013-2014 #3 HD New Of 2013-2014

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25 Replies to “Motorcycle Accidents Compilation Of 2013-2014 Horrible Motorcycle Crashes NEW HD 2014”

  1. What a moronic opening car crash… He wasn’t looking at the road… okay
    but could of easily dodged the car instead of slamming right into the

  2. ((5:32)) (girlfriend> “I told you baby i dont want to ride today”
    WERE SOME SHORTS TOO” (girlfriend> “ok but i aint wering no shorts
    (boyfriend> “thanks babe” (girlfriend> “nice day today huh” (boyfiend> “HEY
    wana GO FAST” (girlfriend> “sure” (boyfriend> “all rite here WE GO”
    (girlfriend> “NO WAIT!” (boyfriend> “huh what” (girlfriend> “AAAH STOP THE
    (girlfriend> “it herts baby. . well at least i dont have to shave no more,
    but i still hate you muther fucker myy pussy will never be the same 🙁
    boyfrind> “SORRY BABE : j <LOL?

  3. If you ride like a squid, you’re gonna wreck. Cars don’t look for riders as
    it is, and when you ride irresponsibly, you’re putting your own life at
    risk. Wear your fucking gear, and assume that everyone else is out to get

  4. Asshole at 1:40 deserved it. Stupid moron, I ride an R6 but that doesn’t
    mean I have to be an asshole to car drivers.?

  5. LOL. All the bike riders and the car drivers in this video are morons as
    well as the video makers for recording these stupid behavior. I wonder how
    they all get their driving license for shitty driving. What a pity…..?

  6. thank god i dont live in europe or asia. It seems like you people cant
    drive for shit! I thought it was bad here in the states with stupid drivers
    not paying attention. I surprised any of you get on a bike over there.?

  7. where in the world are most of these filmed? They mostly don’t look like
    its the US.?

  8. 7:47 what the fuck is the rider thinking? too bad he didn’t catch a foot
    peg on the potting plants.?

  9. I can only hope that half of these ppl are dead now…less shit to populate
    the planet. Riders should always obey the posted speeds and use a damn
    license plate blinker!!!!!?

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