Motorcycle Crash Compilation 2012 Stunt Bike Crashes Motorbike Accidents EPIC FAILS Caught On Camera & Motorcycle crash compilation all new 2012 high quality HD video. Watch the most insane motorcycle stunt bike crashes & motorbike accidents ever caught on camera. motorcyclist wreck on public highway, street, & roads after attempting to perform dangerous motorcycle stunts at high speeds. Motorbike stunt rider only have to make one small mistake & disaster can happen in the blind of a eye ending in broken bikes & even bikers bones sending them to the hospital sometimes crashes can even be fatal. See what happens when street bike trick go wrong & are caught on camera. Watch a great compilation of extreme sport bike freestyle accidents watch as stunt riders wreck attempting insane stunts. Some of the wrecks are funny, watch idiots on motorcycles push the limits to far.

25 Replies to “Motorcycle Crash Compilation 2012 Stunt Bike Crashes Motorbike Accidents EPIC FAILS Caught On Camera”

  1. 1:12 he hit the kill switch jumping through, as for all the haters, fuck
    you. half you are 14yo’s that think you know it all.. the other half have
    never ridden and can’t tell the difference between stunter or some squid
    with cash who got a 20k bike and doesnt even know what blipping is. ?

  2. Anyone who really values their machines and motorcycling doesn’t do this to
    their bikes or to themselves. This is a video about spoiled little window
    lickers who have probably had their bikes handed to them by rich parents,
    and they just can’t appreciate what they have. It is, however, a pleasure
    watching them try to make themselves extinct.?

  3. Got to remember not to pull a wheelie unless 1) There are lots of hot
    chicks watching; 2) There is no one near you that you can hurt; 3) You have
    a good helmet on; 4) You have practiced this and you got it down; 5) Your
    speed is great enough to keep the wheels rotating fast enough to provide
    you with the gyroscopic stability you need; 6) You have good medical
    insurance (not Obamacare!). When you are up on the rear wheel you need to
    have good throttle control and also know when you have lost front wheel
    gyro stability and come back down. Just my 2 cents.?

  4. If you ride like an asshole on public roads, you deserve to crash and I
    dont feel bad one bit for all the pain and suffering. Crashing on a closed
    course, that just sucks, and hurts.?

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