Motorcycle Crash Compilation & Road Rage 2015 HD

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    Enjoy and see you next time! :D?

  2. Yet all biker keep saying line-splitting is safe. It’s not, car driver are
    too careless for bikers going between them. ?

  3. 2nd guy, do you not watch for traffic?
    3rd guy, lol
    4th guy, how could you not see that coming?
    The two that hit the blue car, lol, that was funny

    There are a lot of stupid people driving cars.
    There are a lot of stupid people riding bikes.

    Are dash cams the law in russia??

  4. Yep blame me all you want but I have NO sympathy for the bikers that
    crashed 95% are speeding and or lane splitting.?

  5. This is just hilarious to me!!!! Bikers and truckers think they own the
    damn road…….Some people just have to learn the hard way…..LMAO!!?

  6. Drugs are bad mmmkay? But lane splitting 10mph faster than traffic is
    moving is dumb mmkay? It’s all about closure….the more u lane split at
    higher speeds than necessary to make the pass brings u closer to the
    closure of ur coffin. ?

  7. I’m a rider and I’m really pissed off of what I just saw. Most of the
    stupid accident like this is from the cager and yes they are stupid,
    asshole and they never feel sorry for what they have done. Yeah they sit in
    the car got all protected and we sitting on the bike putting ourself into
    danger by a lot of stupid mother fucker. They really not pay attention to
    the fucking road, all they pay attention to is their fucking phone. ?

  8. Why do so many people on bikes think the ENTIRE road is theirs?

    1. Pick a lane, stay in it. Why are you floating in between lanes? The most
    dangerous place for 2 wheels are the painted stripes!

    2. Lane splitting (or filtering) should be done slowly with caution between
    cars. What is all of this outside of traffic crap?

    3. Pass people just like you would in a car. Would you hover right on their
    ass if you had a car?

    Common sense, people.?

  9. these “riders” are the lamest excuses for vehicle operators I have ever
    seen! They aren’t riding defensively AT ALL! ALWAYS expect the worst when
    riding, never assume the other operators have seen you, or even give a crap
    about you or anyone else. I’m watching these videos, just shaking my
    head…Good God.?

  10. Sorry for my comment that wasn’t me. My account was hacked. Calling me a
    cunt was really uncalled for. ?

  11. Its not all one sided. I ride a motorcycle, but i ride it like everyone is
    out to kill me. Thats how you have to ride. Some of these bikers were just
    asking for trouble, but there were plenty careless/ distracted auto
    drivers. Keep in mind, 4 wheels stop MUCH faster then 2 wheels. ?

  12. So, the biker cultists are calling us cagers now. I got news for them –
    four wheels are the norm for the road and without them your precious
    suicide machines wouldn’t exist. They suck for carrying people or goods,
    and only good for satisfying some vain desire for excitement.?

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