Motorcycle Crash Ends With Biker Standing On The Car Roof

Every now and then a video comes along that leaves you speechless, and this motorcycle crash is one of those.

This incredible video captured using a dash camera shows the moment that a motorcyclist crashes into the back of a car on the motorway.

Rather than ending in disaster the rider is unbelievably flipped over his bike, landing feet first on the roof of the car. If that wasn"t enough, he keeps his balance, on a moving car, on the motorway, probably moving at over 60mph.

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That has to be the best landing ever caught on tape — in any situation.

– Biker crashes into car, lands standing on its roof

– Spider-Man has some competition.

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– Motorcyclist crashes, flips and sticks a perfect landing on a car"s roof

– Motorcyclist crash and perfectly lands on a car"s roof

– Biker Crashes Into Car, Ends Up Standing On The Roof

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The luckiest and the most acrobatic motorcycle crash ever caught on a dash-cam. Happened in the city of Mogilev, Belarus.

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  1. He must have had a lot of experience jumping off of motorcycles cuz I’ve
    never seen anyone do that. ?

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