Motorcycle Crash – Motorcycle VS Hummer 3/16/2014

Motorcycle Crash
Motorcycle Crash – Motorcycle VS Hummer
Please excuse the language.
Minutes into our trip to Loveland and Estes Park we got into an accident. Jesika and I entered I-25 North ramp at 104th Ave. in Thornton, Colorado. The SUV that ran the red light as we approached the on ramp ended up stopping at the end of the ramp causing the vehicles behind to stop instantly and causing the accident. I stopped my bike as fast as possible and began to fish tail. After regaining control I pulled off right behind the SUV. Not knowing they causedthe accident at this point until I went over footage. If I would have realized this at the time I wouldn"t have let them leave or I would have chased them down.I ran back to Jesika, which felt like it took forever. In my disbelief she was conscious and sitting up. I jumped into action directing traffic and getting by standers to help. As one person blocked traffic with their vehicle and one called 911 I stayed with Jesika talking to her and trying to keep her calm. Wish there was more that I could do. Emergency vehicles were there in little over five minutes. I filled out the accident report and headed out to Loveland. Video of Horsetooth and Estes Park coming soon. I went to see her at the hospital to check up on her and see how she was doing.

Please keep Jesika in your thoughts and prayers and a speedy recovery.

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25 Replies to “Motorcycle Crash – Motorcycle VS Hummer 3/16/2014”

  1. Poor girl! 🙁 I’m so sorry guys! That is definitely not what is supposed to
    happen on a nice ride up to hang out with other riders. Stay safe out
    there. :(?

  2. Its scary how quick things can go from a decent flow of traffic to a
    standstill…..She did hit that hard as hell too. Glad she made it out with
    minimal injury. Hope she makes a fast recovery.?

  3. OUCH! i hope she’s alright, i wish her a speedy recovery. glad she was
    wearing gear, sucks how things can change from amazing to that in a split

  4. Damn, that’s not good. It’s nice to see the people there were helpful. I
    hope she recovers soon. ?

  5. My God. What in the hell was that person doing on the road? Incredible
    display of bad driving by the red light runner/stop on the damn highway
    driver. I am floored by the lack of ability to operate a vehicle. Sorry
    about the rider. She seems ok? That driver that stopped on the highway
    should have their license taken away. No business being behind the wheel.?

  6. Man. What a knob (the driver that ran the red) After seeing how her head
    hit the back of the hummer, I’m glad it isn’t worse! GWS!?

  7. Yikes! Yeah I can see how you defiantly do not expect traffic to come to a
    stop in that location. I hope she recovers quickly. ?

  8. Jesika was WAY too close to a big vehicle she couldn’t see around or
    through. Holy cow man my heart fucking stopped!! I’m so glad she came out
    on top.. that could have been so so much worse!! :/ Best wishes to her… I
    hope it doesn’t put her off riding.?

  9. wow.. that happened really fast…you were there when it counted.. and made
    the situation much better..?

  10. Wow I thought it was all over..thankfully just a little banged up and hope
    you have a speedy recovery and hop back on 2.?

  11. man seeing something like that is never easy. I hope that her ankle will
    heal up quickly. I must say way to keep your cool in a stressful

  12. OMG! hope she’s going to be alright. I will share this video on my
    Facebook page.?

  13. Holy shit that was bad… I thought she was gonna be much worse than what
    she looked… I hope she heals fast. Gotta watch out for stupid ass cagers.?

  14. That’s why we record, this is why we share. Every view is a reminder. Not
    your fault bro, but good looking out for your fellow rider.?

  15. Your reaction was perfect. Took charge of a bad situation good man. Just
    glad everyone is alive. ?

  16. Yikes! Hope she heals up well and gets back in the saddle. A harsh reminder
    to always wear your gear and give plenty of room to the vehicle in front of
    you. -K?

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