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Well its been requested and I am a man of my word. I would like to point out that I am not an expert on motorcycle insurance and you should talk to your agent or compare the rates on the different provides webpages it takes 10-15 minutes and will give you a better understanding of what is covered and what it will cost.

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  1. Funny thing: I’ve got less than a half kilometer from my apartment so if i
    run out compleately out of gas I just roll it to the gas station ^^

  2. Whoaaaaa… That’s a lot for insurance. I pay just 110/year. But I dont
    think I have full coverage. Lol

  3. Yea it really is a pretty high amount but its because I dont own the bike
    outright and i said I have full coverage and not even the most basic full.
    Take into account being under 25 years old as well. I do want to lower it
    when the bike is paid off.

  4. Yea I didn’t really do much shopping around and the bike being financed
    doesnt help either as they wouldn’t allow me to go for the more basic
    coverage. Its also reassuring to know that both myself and my passenger are
    covered no matter what happens. Even with uninsured riders. That being said
    my ninja 250 was WAY cheaper through the same provider. But I think i will
    check out rider insurance =P thanks!

  5. Heh, all pretroll stations in my area whare I live only haves 95 octane or
    diesel and E85 ( ethanole) Also it costs 3500 to ensure a R6 in the area
    whare I live so I will like never afford to get an R6 xD

  6. Boo, don’t borrow money to buy things you don’t really need to exist.
    Paying case = don’t need full coverage + you’ll probably have a cheaper
    bike to insure anyway, unless you’re rich.

  7. Im 18 with a 2004 Honda CBR600RR and I also have progressive but full
    coverage for me was 3300 a yr lol I went with just liability and it cost me
    1150 a yr

  8. I pay about $110 a year right now for insurance on my GS500 including fire,
    theft, and flood, but it’s a 92. I am, however, getting an FZ-6R this
    summer and was quoted $approx 300 a year by progressive and geico. BUT I am
    almost 30, a teacher, married, and paying a mortgage on my house, which all
    helps the price go down. I would never be able to ride if insurance was as
    much as what you’re paying…….

  9. It does, but I am not sure how much that reserve is and how far I can ride
    on it. The reason I was a little concerned was that I was going on 30+
    miles on the reserve.

  10. Omg you pay so much for insurance in USA, here in Slovakia i pay 60€ a year
    for full insurance ! and i am 19, and my bike is 350 ccm

  11. you buy this as brand new, did u follow the speed limit and rpm limits for
    the first few kms before brake down or break up. I’m sorry I don’t know how
    to say that

  12. Apples and oranges. I bet your insurance doesn’t cover liability, which is
    the case for us here, and the only reason it is so much money.

  13. I’m 16, been riding for a year, live in Ottawa Canada, have a 2007 honda
    cbr 125r, and pay almost as much as you… 1380$ per year, with liability
    only… paid 1500$ for the bike, and took the safety course and i’m still
    paying 114$/month

  14. Yea my insurance is pretty shit, I tried to switch this year but because my
    car wasn’t ready to switch there wouldn’t have been any savings. So when my
    car gets switched over I will move my bike as well.

  15. I feel very bad for you my friend, that is outrageous, it’s like they don’t
    want you to ride, be it to work, or to the store. I have an 06 SV650 & a 04
    Vulcan en500 ltd, with full coverage & on the SV, it’s $34.53 each month
    through Farmers, way too high. I just would not recommend them. was with
    Allstate for a long time, and most likely will go back soon !

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