Motorcycle Insurance – Types of Coverage

A quick motovlog on the KTM Super Duke explaining motorcycle insurance types. Generally, bike insurance always includes collision, but there are many different kinds. It"s best to compare your options and knowing what to ask for certainly helps!

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2015 KTM Super Duke R Mods/Accessories:
2015 TomTomRider GPS:
Smaller ABS Sensor Rings to fix speedometer
R&G Radiator Guard:
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Akrapovic Slip-On:
Remus Cat-Delete

2015 Honda Grom Mods/Accessories:
Takegawa 143cc Big Bore
Takegawa Cam
Takegawa Clutch Springs
Takegawa High Flow Oil Pump
Takegawa Ficon2 Fuel Tuner
Two Brothers Racing S1R Full Exhaust:
Renthal 7/8 Handlebars
CB1000R Mirrors:
7″ LED 36W Lightbar headlight:
Radiator Hose Intake Mod
RAM X-Grip

Riding Gear:
Pants: Rev"It Enterprise 2
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Leather Suit:
Bluetooth Headset:
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