Motorcycle Insurance – What Coverage Do You Need?

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What insurance do you need? This topic came to mind after my R6 was stolen. I wanted to talk about the different levels of insurance coverage and what things you should think about when deciding what coverage you need for your motorcycle. On my SV, I had basic liability. On my R6 and R1, I"ve had full coverage (comprehensive and collision). What do you need and how much will the insurance cost?

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25 Replies to “Motorcycle Insurance – What Coverage Do You Need?”

  1. Good summary…I could complicate the discussion by mentioning fire & theft
    as an alternative to all perils (comprehensive) but let’s pretend I didn’t.
    I got injury coverage for disability, rehabilitation, loss of income, etc.
    because we have free health care that additional coverage was cheap for
    me…my driving record is clean…that helps!

  2. I disagree. I have a brand new NC700X and my Comp costs $63/year with a
    $100 deductible. IIRC, Collision would be $400/year with the max deductible.

  3. I just got a new bike yesterday so this video was perfect timing. I got a
    2008 gsx650f and decided to do liability, uninsured motorist and
    comprehensive just so I didn’t have to worry about things too much. And for
    me I’m 24 it only cost 220 which was nice.

  4. I’m 16, my ninja 300 was like $750-760 for full coverage, and it’s a brand
    new bike. A brand new r6, which I really wasn’t looking at, was $4800 a
    year for full coverage. Really sucks being my age and having a motorcycle.
    No super sport fun for me, unless I get used. Lol

  5. They barely even look at driving records, location anymore. They just throw
    you in the collective age group and cc group and charge you out the aSS.

  6. motonosity, what would you estimate yearly cost for an 18 yr old male, 1
    car accident before; not my fault at all my insurance payed nothing. live
    in safe area, and a new rider on ninja250 or sv650??

  7. New riders with used bikes

    Get Liability and Uninsured/Underinsured

    Also, tack it along with your car. A lot of companies look at it as if the
    motorcycle is your only ride.

    AAA Plus for road side assistance?

  8. I don’t know about any other state be here in Kansas if you have 1000cc or
    up you are consider as a cruiser bike and that will make it cheaper than
    if you own a 600cc and if your under 25 no matter what play you go you will
    be paying out the ass until you are 25?

  9. I got progressive. Full coverage on my 2012 R6 would have been 430 a month.
    Liability and uninsured motorist is 80 a month. I have a DWI and am under
    25. ?

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