Motorcycle Insurance

How to save money when insuring your bike

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  1. I have more then I could ever of imagined man 🙂 Im growing quite fast
    though as of late

  2. My bike now is 50 bucks full coverage. But with this new bike its going up
    to almost 300 freaking crazy.

  3. dude you have to help me, im 19 , took the msf course and I went to my
    insurance which is all state and they gave me a quote , saying I would have
    to pay about 3200 which cost more than my 250, that makes no sense .

  4. What’s your deductible? Do you have any tickets to your name? Is your car
    insured through the same place if you have one? Those will all have a big
    effect on price. PM me with all the additional info if you want, I use
    state farm btw. Sorry to hear that though man 🙁

  5. P.s., I have liability and I took the price for full coverage and put up
    the diff from liablity in an account plus put the $1000 deductable in the
    account. I save a lot a money. Because as the poster of this vid mentioned
    if you hit something or vice versa or dump your bike its more than likely
    going to be totalled. Couple years ago I had an 250 that I dumped from tire
    lock on gravel and shattered the front/lower fairing plus
    headlight/mounting bracket and gauge cluster. 1600+ just 4 fairings.

  6. Wow that sucks to hear about the 250, but have seen similar things happen!
    Nice little setup you have though for your insurance, who is your provider?

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