Motorcycle Riding 101: Earning the M1 License! – Wide Open Throttle Episode 47

On this episode of Wide Open Throttle, Jessi Lang learns the intricacies of the laws of physics in her first motorcycle training course. Find out how she fares on two wheels and see if she earns her M1 license!

Wide Open Throttle appears every Thursday on the new Motor Trend channel.

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25 Replies to “Motorcycle Riding 101: Earning the M1 License! – Wide Open Throttle Episode 47”

  1. woo hoo congrats. im so jealous of your job hahaha. this gives me a boost
    of confidence when i go get mine.

  2. Awesome to see ya on a bike Jessi!! Makes me want to get mine even more
    now!! Love those jeans too, and glad you passed and enjoyed it so much!!

  3. I’m so excited to take the MSF and start riding. Thank you MT for posting
    this video. Hope to see you on the road!!

  4. Awesome, congrats! We wanna go with you and the guys on a drive. Do that
    for a segment either for WOT or O2W 🙂

  5. we’re motorists. we are well aware of our limits. there are just things we
    can’t avoid. but again, driving always demands full attention~ (^_^)

  6. I had my license when I was a teen and it expired…last year took my
    written/parking lot test and this year I will do the road test. I enjoyed
    taking the tests over and learned much more than I thought I would. I find
    that the main most important thing to watch out for is people turning left
    at the lights. Another youtube site mentioned how they think lane splitting
    is good, its dangerous and goes against everything you would learn in a
    riding course.

  7. It should be absolutely mandatory to take one of these courses to get a
    license . I rode for 10 years before I took the class and thought I knew a
    lot about how to ride. I was wrong. I learned more in the first few hours
    than the previous 10.

  8. That’s an easy way tp get an Motorcycle licence… how much you gonna pay
    for a “Pro” Course like this ? Here in Germany, you have to make 4 hours in
    the classroom and a minimum of 12 hours on the bike. But if you are not
    driven before, you need 20 -25 h on the bike to pass the final test… if
    you are good! Some people need much more. You have to do this in an
    official driving school. Price is 1500 – 2000 Euros for the whole licence
    hours , test’s ect…

  9. i learned how to ride on a old dirtbike 🙂 i still find riding a bike a
    little easier than driving a manual car

  10. Tried to wiki the things you are allowed to ride on a M1 without any result
    (I’m from Sweden). Seems like a VERY short education to ride anything on
    the road except like a 50cc scooter. Did you do high speed maneuvers, high
    speed braking, crawling at walking-pace through cones etc? Did the test
    include citydriving at all?

  11. no but in CA there is a test i cannot really explain it just search
    California Motorcycle skills test o YouTube, you should find something

  12. if you take this class and you have a your permit i dont believe you have
    to take a skills test of any sort

  13. In California what you can do like me is take msf course complete their
    written and driving course once you pass you get a driving waiver for dmv
    all you have to do after got to dmv take their written test show them your
    waiver and you get your license only requirements for msf course is valid
    California I’d or valid drivers licensed and you don’t need to know hoe to
    ride to take the course they teach I encourage everyone to take it

  14. yes, they provide 200-250cc bikes, and helmets. u have to wear long sleeves
    and long pants. i took it in 110F and was not fun. the fee was $165 back in
    2005 for 3 day MSF course. u take the cert and take it to the dmv, take the
    written test and u get the M1.

  15. In norway you need 20hours of driving a bike with a profecional trainer and
    you then have to take a theory test and then you have to take 3 more test
    on the bike itself.
    1 For driving on the road,one for driving on a parkinglot with cones and
    one for explaining how to do maintinance on your motorcycle. The
    motorcycle lisence will set you back 3500 USD?

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