Motorcycle Safety Course Mandatory in Two More States

Connecticut and California are now requiring riders to complete motorcycle safety course before issuing license.

A grieving mother was the driving force behind Connecticut’s new law requiring all new would-be bikers, regardless of age to complete motorcycle safety course before getting the license endorsement to drive a motorcycle legally in the state.

The new requirement does not apply to Connecticut riders who already have a motorcycle endorsement or those who are moving from another state with a motorcycle endorsement.

California has enacted similar legislation requiring state residents younger than 21 to complete a motorcycle safety course before being issued an instruction permit that allows them to practice riding a motorcycle. The permit must be held for six months before the motorist receives a license.

This law came about from a motorcycle tragedy as well.

While not brought about by such moving stories, other states have similar requirements for riders to get their motorcycle endorsements.

Florida State has required bikers to complete a motorcycle safety course since 2008.

Completion of recognized motorcycle safety courses often results in lower insurance rates, and all but five US states waive motorcyclist license testing for graduates of rider training courses such as those designed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF).