Motorcycle Stunts CRASH Stunt Bike Riding Wheelies CRASHES Tank Wheelie ACCIDENT Caught On Video

INSANE Stunt Bike Wheelie Crash Caught On Video Camera. Amazing motorcycle stunts on public street results in terrible accident after motorcyclist riding wheelies crashes causing high speed motorcycle collision. Street bike stunt rider performing tricks. Sport bike stunt rider clutches up a sit down wheelie then jumps to dented tank into spreader wheelie position and attempts scraping the stunt bikes 12′ O"clock bar at high speeds on public road while being followed by large pack of bikers watching the rider perform motorcycle stunts. When all of a sudden the stunt motorcyclist loses control the motorbike swerves hard left while stunt rider is still performing wheelie causing the biker to set down from the wheelie while his bike is tilted hard to the left side causing another motorcycle stunt rider to wreck following close behind because the rider is notable to avoid smashing into the motorcycle riding wheelie after the rider swerves into his lane.

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