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  1. they just say to keep it in gear so if u do see someone not paying
    attention or able to stop you can get out the way.. i keep it in gear til
    the car behind me is completly stopped.. its a good habit..

  2. Not sure on all the states but here in Texas the msf course is a
    requirement to get a full license. Love the vids shock keep em coming

  3. How would i get my license if i am under 18 and have my car license? What
    about if i am over 18? What is the differences etc?

  4. Dude i cant waittttttttt to go to class and get this lisence so
    excited…shifting sounds confusing but i get it!!! I truley cannot wait!!!

  5. Great video. Thanks.. I love the part where you say, I squeeze it like an
    orange. LMAO that had me cracking up!

  6. Thank you so much! This was the perfect video to watch before taking my
    BRC. Now at least I know the basics and i’m not just going into the course
    blindly (: Thanks again! take care & God bless you. Especially when your on
    your motorcycle. And btw, I totally agree that a 600 is a better starter
    bike than a 250

  7. hey shock this was a great freaking video kno im late wit the question but
    wen u pass the written test can u ride alone or do u need a supervisor or
    something id really appreciate it if u let me kno as soon as u
    can…..again really great video

  8. Most states are like this. There are 2 tests. A written and riding test.
    Most states let you drive just with the written test such as only roads but
    not freeways and not at night. Then when you take your RIDING test they
    allow you to ride at any time and also with a passenger. In Calif. they
    even let you ride alone without a supervisor etc.. even on the written test
    but with those limits

  9. The whole point about keeping it in gear at a stop light is so that you
    have the opportunity to jet before someone rear ends you. If you have it in
    neutral, you’ll waste valuable time putting it in gear first and then
    moving off. Plus, if you’re in neutral, some bikes have to be rolled back
    and forth to get it into gear.

  10. hey shock i wanna ask is there any motorcycles with the gear going down?
    like press it down once and thats 1st gear one more time down 2nd gear

  11. 1.start bike 2.pull in clutch all the way 3.shift into 1st, 2nd 3rd 4th
    etc, whatever gear you want to use 4.*****slowly****** release the cutch
    lever while keeping the rpm in the apporpriate range. from neutral to 1st,
    under 1500 rpm, 1st to 2n, under 2500, etc etc

  12. Don’t buy a bike just because it is what you can afford, save up for the
    bike you want. There is nothing more disappointing than finally getting a
    motorcycle and hating it after the first ride. Pinch your pennies, pack
    your lunch from home, and wait until you can afford the bike that fits you.

  13. I took the msf course and it was a lot of help. The msf course is free in
    pa and they supply bikes and helmets to use during the class. I just got my
    1st bike recently its a 1981 Yamaha midnight maxim 650

  14. START ON A 600!!! I bought a 250 and had to sell it a month later, there
    was just not enough power….I dared not get on the highway!

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