Motorcycle Training for Military Special Forces

Kyle McCarty supports Puget Sound Safety in its Military Mentor Training for motorcyclists. The motorcycle safety courses teach motorcycle riding fundamentals, including smart cornering techniques and advanced street skills.

McCarty has been riding for 20 years. He estimates he has logged “half a million miles" on his different bikes. He cautions that “new to you bikes" possess an elevated risk, even for experienced motorcycle riders.

“We are here, educating the military guys," says McCarty, “Not only in how to mentor, how to engage and really influence riders under their command, but also safer street strategies, body positioning, body dynamics to get the bike to actually respond the way it was designed and to help them be safer out on the street."

This video is presented by the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission and Puget Sound Safety. The WTSC will present higher volume traffic patrols or high visibility traffic enforcement during summer primetime in WA.