Motorcycle Training video 1 of 7

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15 Replies to “Motorcycle Training video 1 of 7”

  1. hi just like to say. erm when i tel peaple how it all work with geras i tel
    them if you want the speed to go up you gota lift your left foot and make
    that metel stick go up if you want the speed to go up or to stop the bike
    screaming. not trying to tel you how to do your job just wanted to say like
    thats all. because all my mates i lernt how to ride are grate riders now.

  2. hey man keep those videos up. i thought motorcycling was easy but its
    not.thanks for explaining things to me

  3. Stupid question. 0:26 Near the handlebars and front fairing you can see two
    black metal bars connecting the fairing to the rest of the bike. What’s
    that and why do people need that?

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