Motorcycle vs Deer – Yamaha R1 Cuts Deer in Half, Motorcycle Crash Aftermath

I hit a deer at 85 mph and crashed. Please be aware that video contains bloody footage of a deer sliced in two parts. I thought I will never ride the bike after this motorcycle accident. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE AND SHARE! THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT

I just wanted to share with you guys what happened to me back in 2012. Hope you like the video.
Remember to always wear your gear!

25 Replies to “Motorcycle vs Deer – Yamaha R1 Cuts Deer in Half, Motorcycle Crash Aftermath”

  1. if i may im glad to hear you are alright, alot of people on here hating on
    you for hitting a deer, i wont i will almost guarantee if you had been in
    an automobile that nobody would have been calling you a murderer or saying
    you should have died instead of that dear, WTF, i have hunted in PA gutted
    and frozen deer meat and it tastes good, i still dont understand why people
    are getting butthurt over the deer its good meat, im sorry about your bike
    man but hey you are alive and that (one) deer died big f***ing whoop i know
    this sounds cruel but i will value your life over the deer in that
    situation like if i had seen it happen i would have wran up to you not the
    deer ya know, but atleats for a last resort in a zombie apocalypse, you can
    hunt with a bike, (just kidding) lol have a good day man be safe.?

  2. I didn’t hit a dear, bit a comparable accident happened to me. I wasn’t
    wearing gear, but fortunately I didn’t hit my head, glad to see you’re okay
    however. This was a very informative video.?

  3. I was always taught leather, leathers, leathers…because your rather
    attached to your skin!…….Sore, but hopefully wiser!?

  4. You are one lucky man. I am glad you are ok. But as you said it wasn’t
    smart that you didn’t go to hospital afterwards. Did you consider internal
    bleadng, brain trauma? Bain swelling can kill you one or two days from the
    Deers are dangerous to bike riders, especialy on a country road and in the
    time space before dark and till 12 o’clock. I newer rode my bike in that
    time spot.
    This animals are tricky and we could say stupid since they snick down and
    right before you pass they jump infront of you. ?

  5. helmet do save lives but in ur case the deer saved ur life , it took all
    the impact …if u have hit a car or a truck no helmet would have saved u
    … good luck man drive safe and carefully :)?


  7. Okey Mike 12r1, it’s good that you got out from accident alive, but
    seriously 85 mph?
    – You should choose the right places; roads where you can drive like
    jetplane and roads where you drive like the law says. This is a formular
    for not getting hurt or get into accidents! :)?

  8. Dont be upset. You can always drive fast, but that should be controlled
    speed. have fun and be safe.?

  9. 85MPH? Why so slow? What were you doing, parking?

    Seriously though, I’m glad you’re okay.?

  10. Wreck my first car after only two weeks on a deer. That thing ran up a hill
    and I never saw it again!!!!?

  11. What about the bike, was it repaired? Did it bend anything? Did you
    continue to ride it? How much were the repairs if so??

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